Atomic/Self Setting Alarm Clocks

Are you still using that old beat up alarm clock that you got for $20 a decade or so ago? It can sometimes be pretty easy to forget about your alarm clock. After all, you only use it a little bit each day, and sometimes not on the weekend. That said, there have been some amazing innovations in Alarm Clock Land over the years, some to make them more effective and accurate, while other tech advances have just made them more enjoyable. The Atomic and self setting alarm clocks are a great example of the "effective and accurate" technology.

At Alarm Clocks Online, we carry an excellent selection of cutting edge atomic alarm clocks and self-setting models, all at exceptionally low every day prices. From the Atomic Projection clock by La Crosse Technology to the RediSet alarm clock/radio from Timex, you no longer ever have to worry about resetting your clock after a power outage, or if you unplug the clock to change locations. Same goes for the Emerson self setting alarm clocks, with the patented SmartSet system. Not only does it automatically set itself for the correct time, date, month and year when you plug it in, it even takes into consideration Daylight Savings Time and Springs Forward or Falls Back without you having to lift a finger. Choose your favorite self-setting clock below, and toss out that old beat up alarm clock you've been using. You'll never have to worry about whether your clock is accurate again!