Voice Interactive Alarm Clocks

Posted by Melissa on 7/18/2013 to Alarm Clocks
Alarm clocks are something we all have. Everyone has something that requires them to get up at a certain time almost every day. For some of us that reason is work or school. For others, the reasons may be different, but the reality still exists that almost everyone has somewhere to be by a certain time and therefore needs an alarm clock in order to get up and get ready to start the day.

Twin Bell Style Alarm Clocks: Nostalgic Enjoyment

Posted by Bryan on 7/16/2013 to Better Sleep
Remember the alarm clock you had when you were a kid? You know the one. It had the two bells on top and the little bar that set them off every morning when you had to get up. Well these twin bell style alarm clocks are making a comeback!

Train Your Brain to Wake Up

Posted by Joe on 7/14/2013 to Better Sleep
One of the hardest things for many people to do in the morning is roll out of bed when they hear their alarm clock go off.