Deep sleepers and people who are hard of hearing will find that loud and vibrating alarm clocks may be the solution to the problem of sleeping through traditional alarm clocks' ringing. At, we have many brands and models to choose from when selecting loud and vibrating alarm clocks.

We have the typical alarm clock (the one that sits beside you as you sleep), but with an extra-loud sounding alarm. We have alarm models with loud alarms that increase in volume until the sleeper shuts it off or hits the snooze bar. And we have both in digital and analog dials -- something for everyone.

Some of extra loud alarm clocks have features that allow the user to increase the volume or change the pitch which is important for hard of hearing users. For those sleepers that are deaf and can't hear even a loud alarm, there are alarm clocks that use vibrations to either vibrate the bed, waking the sleeper by gentle vibrations, or send a vibration directly to the sleeper, such as by wearing a wrist band that uses vibration. Many of these clocks that are not attached to the user, include vibrators that are attached to the alarm clock by a cord. The vibrator is then placed either under the pillow or mattress. It is set to go off when the alarm does. This allows the sleeper to be woken through a vibration, that if on their wrist or other part of their body does not disturb their partner or other household members.

Visit our loud and vibrating alarm clocks page and see if this is the solution you have been looking for.


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Date 9/26/2018


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