How to Choose a Proper Alarm Clock

Posted by Tracy on 12/20/2013 to Alarm Clocks
Your alarm clock is one of the most important tools of your entire day. Without a good, reliable alarm clock, you risk sleeping in and missing work, class or leaving on time for an important flight. Not all alarm clocks are created equal. Choosing a proper alarm clock means finding a clock that keeps running, no matter what happens, and always wakes you up at the right time.

First, consider how you want your alarm clock to run. Many alarm clocks plug into the wall, which means that they become unreliable during a power outage. Battery-operated alarm clocks do not need electricity, but you do need to keep extra batteries on hand. Combination alarm clocks, such as a plug-in clock with auxiliary battery power or an atomic alarm clock designed to work during power outages, keep on running regardless of the power source.

Next, consider how you want your alarm clock to sound. If you have trouble falling asleep if there is noise in the room, try a no-tick alarm clock for a quiet, peaceful slumber. If you enjoy having noise or music as you drift off to sleep, a radio alarm clock slowly fades out as you fall asleep and slowly turns the sound up again to wake you in the morning. It is even possible to get an alarm clock that plays animal sounds to rouse you out of bed.

Choose an alarm clock based on the type of power you plan to use, the type of noise you want it to make and the way it fits into your bedroom decor. Test it a few times to make sure you know how to set the alarm properly and use all of the clock's additional functions. Then, set your alarm and peacefully drift off to sleep knowing your alarm clock is reliably ready to wake you in the morning.



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