The Corporate Gift of Time

Posted by Mel on 3/7/2012 to Alarm Clocks
Corporate gifts are the perfect way to say thank you to employees and to vendors. These gifts can be widely varied from pens and stationary sets, to jewelry and alarm clocks. Alarm clocks can be customized to become a truly special piece with personal touches available to make each clock unique for each recipient.

One way in which alarm clocks as corporate gifts can be unique is to have the logo or symbol of the company engraved on them. This allows the individual to always have a reminder of the appreciation the company has for their service. To make the alarm clock a truly personal gift the company can also have the individual's name, position and number of years of service also denoted on the clock.

If the company chooses, they can also have a variety of alarms installed on the memory of the alarm clock. This will allow the recipient to ake their clock reflect their own personality and needs. There is also always the option of color variations, different sizes of clocks, and clocks that have a number of different functions as well.

Some of the many functions of the corporate alarm clock can include, music, thermometer, and a calculator. The music functions can either be access to radio stations, or it can be the ability to download music to the clock to listen to at a later time. The thermometer features can include settings for where the individual is at, or updates on where they live. Calculator features are most common on portable alarm clocks. This makes the availability of a calculator wherever the individual may be. No matter what type of clock is chosen, or what functions it possesses an alarm clock as a corporate gift can be a truly genuine show of appreciation for service to the company.

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