Time for a Fun Projection Alarm Clock

Posted by Tracy on 10/5/2013 to Alarm Clocks
It's a little bit like stepping into the future, when you awaken to a projection alarm clock. The time dances magically on the bedroom wall, and the foot tall writing is easy to read. 

The alarm clock has been responsible for waking you from your deep slumber for years. Sure, a few changes have been made to the traditional alarm clock over time, but nothing truly exciting. There's music as an alarm instead of an annoying beep. The music eases those first jarring moments of awakening. New alarm clocks let you enjoy the sounds of nature, and there's the ever popular snooze button for stealing a few more minutes of sleep. There's also a group of specialized alarm clocks that add new technological twists to the simple timepiece. The projection alarm clock is one of those specialized alarm clocks. It's all about the light.

A projection clock contains a small electronic projection unit. Imagine seeing brightly illuminated displays of the time on a nearby wall or ceiling. Even if you're a deep sleeper, you can be awakened by a combination of music and foot tall numbers on the ceiling of your bedroom. You won't have to worry about dry, blurry eyes trying to read tiny LCD numbers. The projected time can be several feet high!

As well as displaying the time, the projection clock can throw dramatic and fun pictures on to a surface. Think of a clock shaped like a spaceship, projecting the time along with images of stars and constellations. A projected image of the phase of the moon could float on the wall, alongside a graphical display of the outside temperature, as you lounge in bed.

Set your alarm clock and ease into sleep, knowing you've got your feature-packed alarm clock aimed at the ceiling, ready to project the time.

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