Twin Bell Style Alarm Clocks: Nostalgic Enjoyment

Posted by Bryan on 7/16/2013 to Better Sleep
Remember the alarm clock you had when you were a kid? You know the one. It had the two bells on top and the little bar that set them off every morning when you had to get up. Well these twin bell style alarm clocks are making a comeback!

The alarm clocks come in many different designs now, the face of the clock can be as generic as an ordinary clock, or as creative as a band cover or other picture. There's a twin bell style alarm clock out there for every person and personality, every design scheme and furniture layout. Whether your style is crazy and creative, or toned down and sophisticated, you're sure to be able to find a twin bell style alarm clock to suit your needs.

Who doesn't love nostalgia? And if you've got kids, this is the perfect time to introduce them to "retro" chic. They'll think they're being super cool with the clock that matches their style, and you know that they'll be getting up on time every morning, because those clocks will drive you absolutely crazy with their alarm until you get up to shut them off.

You could even start a collection of the clocks. Simply pick a theme - perhaps 80s rock bands - and go to town collecting all the twin bell style alarm clocks in that theme. AC/DC, the Rolling Stones, and KISS clocks along with others will look extremely unique and unquestionably cool lined up in a rec room on a shelf. Just stay away from setting the alarms, that could be incredibly annoying.

So go ahead, visit anywhere that sells clocks (or look online) and start reliving your childhood, one twin bell style alarm clock at a time. Who knows? This little trip down memory lane might even get you to break out the vinyl.

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