Twin Bell Style Alarm Clocks: Nostalgic Enjoyment

Posted by Bryan on 7/16/2013 to Better Sleep
Remember the alarm clock you had when you were a kid? You know the one. It had the two bells on top and the little bar that set them off every morning when you had to get up. Well these twin bell style alarm clocks are making a comeback!

Train Your Brain to Wake Up

Posted by Joe on 7/14/2013 to Better Sleep
One of the hardest things for many people to do in the morning is roll out of bed when they hear their alarm clock go off.

Alarm Clocks: What Are They?

Posted by Carlos on 7/12/2013 to Alarm Clocks
The alarm clock is a specific clock, designed to awaken a person at a predetermined time. The main function of an alarm clock is to awaken people from sleep, as well as short naps, and can also be utilized as a reminder device. While many alarm clocks utilize sound as a means to achieve disruption, others can use lights. Other—newer—alarm clocks can be rigged to roll around the room, or even fly above the sleeper’s body, in order to make the sleeper engage physical activity that will awaken them. Other, newer, alarm clocks use sensors to determine a person’s sleep schedule, and will avoid waking them during a deeper sleep cycle. By awakening an individual during a light sleep stage, they will wake up more refreshed, and less groggy.

How Projection Alarm Clocks Work

Posted by Bryan on 6/19/2013 to Alarm Clocks
It's a little bit like stepping into the future, when you awaken to a projection alarm clock. The time dances magically on the bedroom wall, and the foot tall writing is easy to read.
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